We source and facilitate financing for business acquisitions.

Unlike rigid banks, we take a flexible approach in securing your financing.

To ensure a successful deal, we advise our clients throughout the acquisition process, from start to finish.

Our innovative approach has made eCommerce Lending the #1 source for online business acquisition financing and the trusted choice by the top online business brokerage firms.

The Business Acquisition Process

Get Pre-Qualified

Pre-qualifying is the first step toward determining if you qualify for business acquisition financing.

This step will allow you to establish a price range, so you can be confident you qualify when it comes time to finance your deal.

Completing this step prior will give brokers confidence that you are a serious buyer.

Pre-Qualify Now

Find a Business

Once you are pre-qualified, you will be ready to contact business brokers and find an online business to buy.

During your search, we will help determine if the business you are interested in qualifies for financing.

Make an Offer

Now that you have found a business to buy, it's time to place an offer.

We will consult you throughout this process to ensure a successful deal.

Get Financing

When your offer is accepted, we provide a streamlined loan approval process.

Our team of experts has funded hundreds of deals in the eCommerce space, and we will guide you through this nuanced process.

Learn more about the acquisition process in our detailed guide
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What Businesses Can We Finance?

Amazon FBA

Buy an established Amazon FBA store with high revenue and great products.

Online Shops

Purchase an exisiting online eCommerce store or Shopify business.


Acquire a digital business such as an app, website, or software service.

Traditional Businesses

We offer financing for traditional businesses too!

Recently Closed Transactions

Learn more about business qualifications

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Our Acquisition Partners

We've partnered with the best in the industry so that you can build your acquisition A-team.

Serious Performance

eCommerce Lending is the #1 source for business acquisition financing.

Closed Deals

With hundreds of successful deals, we know what it takes to get your deal done.

Online Acquisition Lender

With years of experience, we have become the top online business acquisition lender in the U.S.



We have the expertise and resources to fund your next acquisition.

Our Customer Stories

"Stephen and his team found a great lending partner for my acquisition. They made it easy. It would have been a much tougher and time consuming job on my own."

Mark D.

"eCommerce Lending added a tremendous amount of value to our business acquisition. I don't believe we would have been able to secure an SBA loan on a digital business without their assistance."

Derek D.

"The eCommerce Lending team is experienced, professional and responsive. If you want to get your deal done, the ecommerce lending team will make it happen. You're in good hands."